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Hi David,


Thank you for the opportunity to quote on your new website for The Clearvac Group.


The focus of your new website will be on:

  • Communicating your brand & message.

  • Gaining & retaining customers

  • Increasing revenue

  • Being found on Google & search engines easily

  • A cohesive connection to your other on-line platforms.

  • And a user friendly experience for both clients and yourself

As an award winning business owner and National Marketing Manager your site will not only look great, but be built with your end game top of mind, in an simple streamline process - no confusing computer jargon & weird acronyms. Just an awesome website you're proud of that's working for you 24/7.

Below are the elements included in your website, what isn't listed below is the marketing brain that you get behind the build of your website. Sure, it will look amazing from a design perspective, but, there will be marketing science behind it all - inherently. 


Your new website will include:

Your new website will include the following at the very least:

HOME including

  • About Us (who you are)

  • Services (what you offer)

  • Testimonials?

PAGES for the following:

  • Super yacht Services

  • Land Based Services

  • New Products

(this can be increased - I have gauged the required elements by your current website by the headers/menu bar as the  actual pages seem to overlap and are tricky to read - we can easily refine this) 


  • either direct email or a form (your choice)



  • connection to your PDF copy


  •  UK compliant

All Maloo Websites include:
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimised based on basic best practise and connection to GOOGLE

  • Desktop and mobile friendly

  • Animation of elements including parallex or fading/gliding options where required

  • Easy navigation around your site via strategically placed anchors = An improved user experience

  • Colour scheme created based on your brand guidelines or choice of colours

  • Instagram or Facebook feed into your site

  • Links back to your social media pages

  • Connection your domain 

  • A secure site with automatic HTTPS security

  • Connection to Google analytics

  • Hand over meeting and 14 days support

  • A designer with a "marketing brain" so your site is built with your end game top of mind

Your quote below is based on you supplying all necessary imagery, text copy and links.

If you would like us to create content and source photos and imagery etc we can supply a separate quote.


Monthly maintenance plans are also available to truly make your life that much easier.
Hosting fees range from $15 per month 


Based on the above pages and standard Maloo inclusions

Your investment for a brand new website will be AU$1200 - $1700 (or 620 - 900 gbp) 

Maloo Marketing is all about open communication. Your site will be built be me! Not a third party.

There will be a link for your input (or your nominated person) along the way to ensure you're happy and we are on the same path. I will touch base at key points.

Thank you again for the opportunity to quote and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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