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Hi Jodee,


Thank you for the opportunity to quote on your new website and ongoing marketing for The Learning Centre Group.


I would love the opportunity to bring your website together and really present a cohesive and user friendly client experience across all platforms.

Below are the elements included in your website, what isn't listed below is the marketing brain that you get behind the build of your website. Sure, it will look amazing from a design perspective, but, there will be marketing science behind it all - inherently. Things like call to action buttons, thinking like a visitor thinks and what do they want. That is all just part of the service.

Maloo Marketing is all about open communication.

There will be a link for your input along the way to ensure you're happy and we are on the same path. I will touch base at key points.

Our website feedback system is super easy - you just click on what needs changing and leave me a note right there and then - no need for long winded confusing emails.

My job is to bring your vision to life. I know time is of the essence and your new website will be ready by beginning of March, if not sooner. 


Your new website will include:

As discussed on the phone we will take the information from your current website and transfer it to the new site, but of course with a fabulous new look and feel.


Your new website will include the following at the very least:

HOME including

  • About Us (who you are)

  • Services (what you offer)

  • Testimonials?


all your current programs will  have individual pages as they are now.

MAPS of each location

DOWNLOAD FORMS (as they present atm)


  • direct to you



links to your pages on Instagram & Facebook 
your Instagram feed can be linked to appear on your home page and will update automatically after each post as well if you like.


In essence all the elements you have now + more

client inclusions
All Maloo Websites include:
  • 30 minute consultation to ensure we have everything ready to go

  • Animation of elements including parallex or fading/gliding options where required

  • Search engine optimised based on basic best practise and connection to Google

  • Desktop and mobile friendly

  • Anchors to your key points for easy navigation around your site

  • Colour scheme created based on your brand guidelines or choice of colours

  • Connect your Instagram or Facebook feeds into your site

  • Links back to your social media pages

  • Connection your domain 

  • A secure site with automatic HTTPS security

  • Connection to Google analytics

  • Hand over meeting and 14 days support

  • A designer with a "marketing brain" so your site is built with your end game top of mind

Your quote below is based on you supplying all necessary imagery, text copy and links.

If you would like us to create content and source photos and imagery etc we can supply a separate quote.


Monthly maintenance plans are also available to truly make your life that much easier.
Hosting fees range from $15 per month 

alwasy included

The beauty of wix websites is that they are user friendly from both the customer view and business owner position.

Of course you are welcome to make adjustments yourself - I'm always just a phone call away.

Or ongoing updates can be arranged for you - either weekly/fortnightly or as required
this is at a rate of $50 per hour (+gst) or part thereof.
I work with your requirements.

Hosting fees for your website start at $15 per month 

Social Media

As part of your streamlined strategy going forward for 2020 that we discussed, I would love to manage your social media for you


We can discuss your objectives in detail and develop strategies to obtain the results you need, in person - whether branding, filling seats in specialised workshops, or focusing on your one-to-one tutoring and simply more students through the door, this would be through organic posting and advertising if you wish.

You are not locked into large monthly retainers where you simply pay out $$ and then hope for the best, every business ebbs & flows and there are times you'll need more and others where you can slow down. Working on an hourly rate allows you to use me as you need to. 



Based on the above pages and standard Maloo inclusions

Mirroring the content you currently have, your investment for a brand new website will be $1000  (+gst)

Please allow another $200 possibly. Each page will have it's own page URL (page name) and meta description (the bit you see in Google) if these need to be enhanced please allow an extra $200, if the information is there now and can be copied across this won't be necessary.

Ongoing website and SEO work is $50(+) ph

My rate for social media management is $45(+) per hour.

My philosophy is to let you focus on what you're good at, and leave the rest to me and what I'm good at.

... and I'll bring your vision to life without all the acronyms and pushy hard sell. Just a streamlined process & open communication.

Happy to talk through other options and ideas you may have.

I know you have your meeting with everyone in a few weeks, if you'd like me to pop in a have a  chat, that would be great, I'm about working relationships and results, rather than over polished hard sells.

Thank you again for the opportunity to quote and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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