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  • Can I host my own site elsewhere?
    After a lot of research we've chosen to use Wix as our preferred platform and part of the ability to create these stunning websites at such a reasonable cost is that we host them on the Wix platform. They have a number of packages to suit a variety of needs from basic 1 page site at $5 per month up to e-commerce plans at $50 per month. We'll work through this with you and help you find the best plan.
  • How long until my new website is live?
    We aim for 4 weeks, you'll find a breakdown of our process here Whilst we will take care of your SEO (see other question) and connect you to Google. Please note that your website will not come up in the search results just yet, because Google takes between 4 days to 4 weeks to discover a new website for ranking purposes. This is a very normal process, so just need to keep an eye on it until you see it show up.
  • Will my site be mobile & tablet friendly
    Absolutely ! all our sites are optimised for desktop, tablets and mobiles. yes they will look a little different on each device, we will check this before hand over to you. A little bit more from Wix Wix has a separate dedicated mobile editor which gives you separate design control over your mobile website. All Squarespace templates are mobile responsive. ... They give you a separate mobile editor for older templates, but you can't edit the layout of your mobile website like Wix.
  • I already have a website, how do we update it to the new one?"
    As long as you have the information on your current business domain name ( ie: your "") leave it to us, and we'll sort it for you.
  • Can I add more pages as my business grows?
    Of course! The platform easily allows more pages, tables, images, forms, events just about anything you want to add can be added in once your site is live. You can do this or leave in our capable hands to take care of it for you.
  • What is SEO?...(and do I need it?)
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In essence it's how Google finds you and your website. according to wikipedia.... " It is the process of getting traffic from “free”, “organic” or “editorial” search results on search engines " When you search for something on the web a list of results fitting that description will show. This is due to SEO. We utilse SEO in the background of your website to help you rank higher in searches across all the major search engines.
  • Can I edit my site myself
    Yes you can. Our websites are designed to make editing your site easy. Just choose the elements you want to add (images, text, contact forms etc) and drag them to the place you want on your site! You have complete control over the appearance and content of your site. Of course, if you prefer, we can look after this for you, leaving you to focus on your business and what you do best.
  • Can I post videos on my site?
    Yes you certainly can, the best option is to use a third party host - like Vimeo or youTube. But self hosting is definitely an option as well, it depends on the hosting plan you choose.
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