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Finish My
Wix Website

 AKA - please someone just launch my website for me...

I cant finish my website - help

on choosing a Wix Website!

Your website is coming together really well, BUT, now you've run out of ...



Patience and


You just want your website finished and live!

Don't Stress....

fix my wix website.jpg

...Finishing & Fixing
Wix Websites is what I do!

As a Top Level Global Wix Partner
I can help with any of the combinations below:

Finish My
Wix Website

They said it was easy - but it's taking wayyy too long

Take it over and just finish it and get me live!


You've added all the images and text, it looks great on the desktop, but, you're struggling with the mobile version?

My Website

You've had your website for a few years, but it needs a more contemporary look 

- leave it to us

Add a Store to My
Wix Website

Your business is growing it's time to add a store/bookings/events

to your site.

I can manage that for you

SEO & Connect to Google

Struggling with which keywords to add - let me do the research and get it right first time!

Add a Blog to My Website

You have a database and a brilliant social media presence - time to use them - we can add a blog to your website with all the right tags & SEO

Polish My
Wix Website

You've added all the content, it's close but just  needs a bit of polish and a professionalism.

Manage the Whole Thing...please!

It was a good idea at the time, now your business has grown and you just don't have time.
We can add updates and manage it for you.

add new pieces to my wix website

There are loads of reasons clients come to us,


  • Time just keeps slipping away, it's been months now and you just cant commit to finishing your website

  • They thought they could do it them self after-all....“How hard could it be?” only to find out there is more to building websites than they realised.

  • The back-end SEO, meta descriptions, keywords and 'stuff' is just too boring...or scary.

  • or maybe you're just missing that design eye or know your new website just needs something a little more.​​​

  • Their original designer has just...disappeared​

  • The new store/Event is in a week and well...and ummmm they forgot to finish it, and now they're painting walls & backdrops, and don't have time to finish the website too- HELP!

  • They just can't make their website work on a  mobile phone.

Let's set up a time to work through your issue and

get it solved and sorted!

examples of Finish my wix website

Just a few of our
"Finish My Wix Website" projects...

Prefer to talk it through....
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