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wix vs wordpress who's better for SEO


Lets talk pros and cons of Wix websites and debunk a few myths

A question so many people ask -
Wix or WordPress, Squarespace or Shopify ?

Let's take a look at a few of the articles from independents

that are "in the know"

and my own experiences.



Wix or Wordpress SEO?

that's SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION - being found on the web by Google, Bing etc....

Let's start with a

shameless plug and debunk

Myth number 1

Maloo Creative have created multiple websites ranking....

not only on page 1 but

NUMBER 1 on Google !!!


So all those that say Wix is bad for SEO and your website will not rank - wrong!


wix vs wordpress best for SEO
wix vs wordpress
wix vs wordpress who's better

Through my own research and experience this is what I've learnt about Wix over other platforms...

  • Wix are completely user friendly – most of my clients go on to update their own websites without a problem at all.

  • The biggest Wix bonus ..a simple un-do button and a site history so no matter what anyone does – it can be undone – unlike WordPress. (That one I've learnt the hard way - hours of my life I'll never get back)

  • Wix Support is fabulous – have you ever tried to get in touch with WordPress.....ummmm you can’t, support just doesn’t exist (see above)
    Being a Wix Global Partner/Expert does have advantages and my general wait time for a call back is 3 minutes!

  • All the add-ons/plug-ins are fully integrated so there’s none of that ‘down time’ and ‘on-going maintenance’ needed with a WordPress site – you’ve heard friends say “oh my site is down, again” – it's all to do with plug-ins that constantly need updating by other contributors – that just doesn’t happen with Wix.

       Everything is fully integrated through them.

  • Wix can connect straight into Google – there is no waiting around for the bots and spiders to ’find’ your site – we connect you straight up!

  • Their hosting costs are generally lower – you can add stores, bookings, you name it, you build as you grow, keeping you initial investment to a minimum.
    Sure you can find low hosting fees, but low fees usually transfer to low load speeds too, and lets not underestimate security here.

  • All Wix sites have HTTPS security – it’s built in and not an extra.

  • We can easily link your domain through to your Wix site

How Does Wix SEO Rate?...Direct from Google themselves....

Google doesn’t have any problems crawling and understanding websites built with website builders rather than open source code

John Mueller of Google addressed this question directly when a person posed a question in Google Webmaster Central Help Forum, asking whether Google dislikes Wix and if websites built with Wix rank poorly in search results.

wix seo specialist sydney australia

So, does Wix SEO work? 

The answer is yes, you can rank a Wix site and thousands upon thousands of site owners do!

Let's ask "the boss".... here’s John Mueller’s take

“Wix is fine for SEO. A few years back it was pretty bad in terms of SEO, but they’ve made fantastic progress, and are now a fine platform for businesses. The reputation from back then lingers on, but don’t be swayed by it.”

wix vs wordpress who's better


wix vs wordpress who's better

Still need convincing - here's a few links to independent articles about SEO...

The ultimate battle in 2019 - a 6 month trial of Wordpress gurus vs Wix genuises!
The competitors were chosen from hundreds of agencies around the globe to duke it out for six months to see who will out rank the other for the query “Wix SEO”.
see the competition rules and ultimate winner here!

My website was ranking No.1 in the UK for ‘SEO Speaker’ and ‘SEO Trainer’ amongst other phrases. I must have been insane for even thinking about moving my site over to, right? ....

I soon found that I could not only optimise the websites the way I wanted to but found the flexibility of the platform enabled me to create a far better desktop and mobile user experience
read Mark Preston's full story.

Independent SEO expert Itamar Blauer's YouTube clip on why Wix ranks well

This post is written by Mordy Oberstein, the Head of SEO Branding at Wix. Mordy also serves as a communications advisor for Semrush.

Mordy explores the myth that Wix sites can’t rank. He debunks it using real-life examples of sites that are performing well in search, outlines the reasons why they’re doing well,  and provides some useful takeaways.

Prefer YouTube?
Wix vs Squarespace vs Wordpress general comparisons by independents

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by Tony Teaches Tech

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Need help ranking your Wix Website on Google?

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