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Our Success Stories

in a little more detail...


Funny how things come about – a coffee, a chat about disappointing sales, and a desire to grow her business and then I said, “hmmm, show me your website”

At that point the current website was an old “flash” site (yes, in 2019) a small box on the screen, no scrolling, no links, no brand, in-essence a place marker.

I begged her – please let me create a mock site, let me show how your brand can present to the world, it’s an awesome product, let’s give it the platform it deserves! We discussed her brand essence, her target market, ideal client, business history, and what she wanted ultimately from this part of her business.

Depi Wax - Waxing in the privacy of your own home – summer, sun, fun, beaches, water…and all with a natural environmentally friendly feel to it.

Once Karina could visually see what was possible on the screen in front, the flood gates opened she has gone on to re-image her packaging and bring new products to the market that she has been thinking about for years.

To be certain she was on the right path – a meeting with her largest distributor to double check. They loved it, and from that moment on – (even before her site went live), the engagement was there and they increased their order on the spot!

The opportunities to build on the site are huge – ecommercre, CRM (customer relationship management – database collection etc), new products, a launch of the new packaging when it arrives, the possibilities are endless and we are proud to be part of this journey and grow as Depi Wax Australia grows.

….and from that one coffee

               and one question an entire brand relaunch was underway, and her sales are skyrocketing.

the starting point...

Depi Wax Australia's original website - a small box on a large screen, and still powered by Flash.
Depi Wax Maloo Marketing review success

and after the rebrand...

A fabulous new look and feel!

Encompassing the beachy clean fun vibe Depi Wax is ready for a relaunch.

New colours, logo, imagery and a re-invented brand ready to appeal to a wider younger demographic

This website has the opportunity to grow as the company grows -  with innovative new products, new packaging, newsletters, social media feed - the possibilities are endless and we're excited to be

part of the journey.


Debbie has completed a website for our business in a matter of days. I’ve been really impressed with her professional business manner and personal drive.

We are looking forward to

working with her in the future.

Karina xx

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