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Our Success Stories

Not sure about what is possible with your business? - the sky is the limit!

Sometimes we're just too close to our own company to see the amazing options available, and it takes an outsider with a fresh perspective to open the door to those possibilities.


We're proud to have helped so many businesses small and large update their looks, whether a full re-brand and new website or a refresh with a few tweaks, we'd love to talk to you about what's possible.

If you'd simply like us to finish your Wix Website - we can help 

Some of our transformations.....

Maloo Marketing success stories depi wax

It all started with a simple coffee and a chat.

Maloo Marketing helped bring a classic time honoured health care product into 2019 with a renewed look, new website and completely new demographic of customers

to read the full story...

Depi Wax logo 2019v4 black on clear rect

Full story on the transformation of a simple brand that sold cookies and coffee into a multi faceted brand that now boasts the highest turnover store

on the globe.
coming soon...


The fastest growing food trend - simple, healthy and fresh.

Stay tuned for the story of how we worked to bring the brand to life, including the website, loyalty programs and more.

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