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How does the maloo process work


AKA...all the awesome things we do!

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is what we do to get your website found on search engines like Google.

We have multiple websites ranking Number 1 on Google searches right now!

Before handover we will have you connected to Google and ready to go.
In all our websites we build from scratch we optimise as we build.
If you have built your site your self or just want a fresh set of eyes, we can help.

For more information on our packages
our process week 2
our process week 3
our process week 4
week 2
we design and build
your website

using the content provided​, we design and build your new website.we will send you a private link to preview your site along the way.

We use Trello to communicate so everyone
 is up to date on questions and information, and it provides a cohesive easy space to share ideas.

week 3
review & perfect your site
  1. review your site via your private link and provide us with detailed consolidated feedback utilising the easy feedback system 

  2. we implement your changes 

  3. ensure it is mobile friendly

  4. then your final revised website is resubmitted to you for approval

  5. the remaining 50% payment is invoiced and required prior to launch

week 4
we launch your website

we use our SEO procedures to get you connected to Google and those cyber bots & spiders do their thing to start getting you ranking on search engines.

we connect to your domain to your site.


then we LAUNCH your brand new website!

what's next?
You can manage your site yourself or let us take that off your all ready busy plate.

the beauty of our websites is that you can 'set & forget' - although we don't recommend this completely as Google looooves new content, but it is certainly an option.

you have the choice of complete handover and we can show you how to manage your own website

or, we can keep an eye on your fabulous new website & are here for you whenever you need updates - images, new staff members, new content, new stock - whatever you need.​

we'd love to help you grow your business in any way we can.

Please Note....that whilst our goal is to deliver your site ready to go in 4 weeks, please remember that we  can only create your gorgeous website with your help.
Delays supplying content, imagery or clarification to our questions will impact your hand over date.

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